On this page you can read some of the historical information extracted from our book "Rails to Chorleywood ... and beyond".   Copies are available directly from Friends of Chorleywood Signal Box or Chorleywood Bookshop.  Click on the image to the right to find out how to order.

Ownership over the years

The ownership of the railway, i.e. it's infrastructure and the rolling stock has changed over the years.  Here's a summary:

Railway Ownership (the infrastructure)

From To Responsibility
1889 1899 Metropolitan.
1899 1923 Metropolitan & Great Central Railway Joint Committee.
1923 1933 Met & LNER Joint but still known as the M & GCR JC.
1933 1948 London Passenger Transport Board and the LNER Joint but still known as the M & GCR JC.
1948 1962 London Transport Executive.
1963 1969 London Transport Board.
1970 1984 London Transport Executive as part of Greater London Council.
1984 2000 London Regional Transport.
2000 Present Transport for London

Rolling Stock Ownership

From        To Responsibility
1889 1899 Metropolitan.
1899 1923 Met and GCR
1923 1933 Met and LNER.
1933 1948 LPTB and LNER.
1948 1958 LTE and BR (E)
1958 1987 LTE/LTB/LTE(GLC) and BR (M)
1987 1996 LRT and Network South East Chiltern Railways
1996 Present LRT/TfL (known as the Underground) and Chiltern Railways 

Chorleywood's Station Names over the years

The name of Chorleywood Station changed as Chorleywood developed over the years from the opening of the station in 1889. Here's a summary:

1889 to 1915 the name was 'Chorley Wood'

1915 to 1934 it became 'Chorley Wood and Chenies'

1935 to 1960 it reverted to 'Chorley Wood'

1961 till today it changed to 'Chorleywood'